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Joseph (Joe) Collins, Jr.

Vice President, ShareholderE-mail: joc@kesslercollins.comDirect Dial: 214.379.0701Direct Fax: 214.370.0771

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Lisa Tulk

ShareholderE-mail: lt@kesslercollins.comDirect Dial: 214.379.0737Direct Fax: 214.379.0774

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Robert (Trey) A. Ibsen, III

ShareholderE-mail: ribsen@kesslercollins.comDirect Dial: 214.379.0791Direct Fax: 214.379.0714

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Michael Shaw

Senior CounselE-mail: mshaw@kesslercollins.comDirect Dial: 214.379.0713Direct Fax: 214.373.4714

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Alexis Swanzy

AssociateE-mail: aswanzy@kesslercollins.comDirect Dial: 214.379.0707Direct Fax: 214.373.4714

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John (JD) D. Janicek

AssociateE-mail: jdj@kesslercollins.comDirect Dial: 214.379.0712Direct Fax: 214.379.0783

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Tom Baker

ParalegalE-mail: tb@kesslercollins.comDirect Dial: 214.379.0704Direct Fax: 214.373.4714

Janice Reynolds

ParalegalE-mail: jlr@kesslercollins.comDirect Dial: 214.379.0793Direct Fax: 214.373.4714

Herbert Flowers

ParalegalE-mail: hflowers@kesslercollins.comDirect Dial: 214.379.0706Direct Fax: 214.373.4714

With over forty years of legal practice, Kessler Collins has extensive experience and highly qualified attorneys to meet your commercial transaction and litigation needs throughout Texas and the United States. Our long-term client relationships are built and maintained by constantly delivering quality, successful legal work, and giving our clients excellent service along the way. 

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The attorneys of Kessler Collins have a wealth of education and experience. Yet despite the scope of credentials you would be hard pressed to find a more accessible firm. We thrive on interacting with our clients, and take pride in the many long-term relationships we have cultivated. These relationships continue because we invest in our clients by providing services that enhance their business and increase their success.

Kessler Collins employs a team approach to our clients’ business to ensure the availability of attorneys who are aware of their issues and can address them promptly. We work hard to learn not only our client’s business and the issues that affect their industry. We pride ourselves in knowing the law and the surrounding fact and circumstances in the matters we handle. Most of our attorneys have been practicing for more than 25 years each.  We have board certified attorneys, attorneys who are members of the College of the State Bar of Texas, attorneys who have been named as among the best in their field by rating groups and attorneys who have had real life experience in the business world.  We know what we can do and we do it well.

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