Kessler Collins® - Construction Defects


Construct-defect cases are different from ordinary commercial litigation. Construction defects encompass various service providers, such as contractors, engineers, and architects. Many of these disciplines are intertwined and require skilled counsel to dig into the root cause of the claim.

Construction-defect litigation also involves many different and related areas of the law. Contract law is mixed with warranty law which is mixed with tort law (negligence). Often times, one area of the law may prevent other legal claims from being made. Additionally, construction-defect litigation necessitates the use of various experts to prove the cause of the damage, the scope of repairs to fix the damage, and the lost profits resulting from the damage. Handling these different areas of the law requires an experienced lawyer. Our attorneys have years of experience handling construction defects on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants. We have managed extensive investigations into the cause of construction damage, including intrusive engineering tests, and overseeing a full scope of repairs, as well as lost-profit analysis. We bring these many different experiences to every construction defect case we handle.

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