Intellectual Property

We represent and advise businesses in all areas of intellectual-property law including the following:


Kessler Collins provides its clients with a wide range of trademark expertise including counseling, trademark availability investigations, selection and branding strategies, US and international trademark application filing, and prosecution of applications for registration and enforcement. The firm has experience and business knowledge to provide effective and important initial client counseling regarding selection, use, and prosecution of trademark applications for registration. The preparation and communications with the client and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office are handled efficiently, yet with great care to detect when attorney involvement and advice might be beneficial to the client.


Copyright law is a distinct practice from patent and trademark law. Key differences in underlying fundamentals of the law, methods of securing legal protection, length of time a work enjoys legal protection, measure of damages in infringement cases, and many other critical areas, involve different analytical approaches and strategies than other areas of intellectual property law. Kessler Collins’ attorneys routinely advise clients about copyright fundamentals, copyright registrations, and infringement cases.


We provide patent portfolio management and patent counseling services to assist in making patent filing and maintenance decisions that can bring value to your business. Kessler Collins has experience advising clients how to develop and to maintain effective patent portfolios, and we provide a wide variety of patent counseling and patent portfolio management services.


Trademark, copyright, and patent licensing is a complex area of law, and licensing agreements must be reviewed carefully to ensure that your intellectual property is effectively protected. Special provisions are required in these types of agreements in order to effectively transfer intellectual property rights, and effective control provisions are extremely important. Our intellectual property team deals with contractual issues on a regular basis, and works with its clients to obtain effective and enforceable licensing agreements.

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